Fire pumps



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Jan 22, 2007
BC .Candada
Hope I'm posting this in the correct spot haven't been around for some time and there's been some changes I've also posted under the fire thread.

Looking for a new fire pump and have three to choose from

Honda wh15.
Honda wh20
BE Pressure HPFC-2065HR

kinda leaning towards the BE due to the more flow and pressure there all around the same price point but the BE unit is definately the pig of the 3

any insight or recommendations would be appreciated



The gyppo's gyppo
Jan 17, 2012
western washington
I have an earlier honda wh20, pushes a 1.5" hose easily, I've ran 2" on it with good results.

They are cheap and bullet proof.

Flow and pressure is relative to control. If your attaching it to a tank, high flow isn't really a good thing, I'll drain my 330 gal tank in about 7 minutes with 200' of line attached. Now if I want to play it safe I can back it off and get a fair bit of time out of it and still put out a modest burn pile (25' dia) with water to spare. High pressure would be cool if I wanted to assault tree tops, but in reality if it gets that far out of control I'm hooped anyway. Luckily I haven't had to use it on an out of control brush fire (cause I'm hyper-paranoid about fire and set up burn piles and conduct my logging activities accordingly)

The wh20 will easily toss water over my house, and with a well aimed rock easily deal with 2nd story windows and roofs (I'd be amused if even the local fire dept's trucks could knock out windows without assistance)

I'm certain within a couple days some folks with much much more fire experience will chip in.