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Sold FS: Shindaiwa 550 Parts saw/Parts

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Dec 23, 2018
Picked up a Shindaiwa 550 in a lot of powerheads. Not complete but lots of usable parts. Piston is scored to all hell, looks straight gassed from the windows but can't get cylinder off yet to see more. Cylinder also looks scored badly. No idea on the bottom end yet. Saw has some grime but is not too bad. There was some old mix in it, though it had a lot of gas content. Old oil as well that may have taken on some water. Oil cap has rusting around the metal mating surface, but no sign of rust in the tank.

Serial: 4001745

Has a Walbro HDA29A M4 carb. Pretty clean from the outside.

Parts included:

Carb, Bosch spark plug, Flywheel (good shape), recoil, top cover, working throttle/fuel tank, choke switch, clutch cover (broken at brake flag area, NO brake included), muffler and hardware (muffler separated upon removal), handlebar and hardware, clutch components still on saw, oiler and parts, hoses, air filter, etc, ignition system and coil.

Most of the hardware is intact, but some washers and lock washers were not present upon removal.

I'd prefer to sell this intact as is, but may be willing to part it out. Photos will be coming in the next day or three.

I also have two 695 carcasses I will be going through in the coming weeks. If I can't make a runner out of them I will also put them up for sale.