Has Anyone Seen



Its just a saw
Dec 2, 2012
Kenny, sadly, seems to be pulling his usual bullshiittt. In a PM with him, I'm the bad guy for NOT complying with his demands (I'll reluctantly post screenshots of the PM if I'm challanged). I do know for a fact that others have tried with Kenny, to no avail. I had to give it a shot, since I did spend a little time with him at the Ct GTG a few years ago, and I found him to be morally dependant on plants/herbs, but at least socially functional at some levels. Kenny has made his bed and will sleep in it. I've tried everything I can to close the gap, but I've been stymied by Kenny, just Kenny.

I have nothing else to say or contribute to this mess, I've done my dang-level-best to move beyond the bulllshitt thats spewed from Kennys pie eating hole, but it seems that Kenny doesnt want to end this nicely

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