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May 19, 2013
North Glengarry, Ontario
A couple of months ago I picked up a 7-ton John Deere running gear for $350.00 CDN. There was a bend in the reach about 14 inches from one end, so I split the wagon and cut off the bent part. With that piece cut off, I am still able to get from 7' to 11' between the bunks.

The bunks are 6" x 3" x 1/4' rectangular channel steel 66' long; the bunks sit on 2 1/2" x 1/4" inch square tube vertical supports that are bolted to the original bolsters; and the braces that tie in the bunks to the frame are 1/4" x 3" flat steel stock.

The standards (upright posts) are 2 1/2" x 1/4" inch square tube, 4' long. I will be rigging up a one-pull lever/cable release on the right side (facing forward) that will simultaneously pull out 1 of the draw-pins at the bottom of each standard; the other 2 pins will be removed by hand prior to pulling the release. I drilled out the 4 holes on the bottom of the right side standards to 1" diameter and welded in a section of 1 " pipe to act as a bushing to reduce friction and binding when the draw-pins are yanked out by the release.

The chains running from standard to standard are flipped out of the way when loading, then snugged up by binders when loaded up. The chains remain in place when the trip lever is pulled. So the bottom of the right-side standards will kick out when the pins are pulled. I posted this over on the Forestry Forum site too.

Patent Pending .... ;)


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