Husky 288 Build Thread

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Mister Wizard
Jan 21, 2007
Northwestern Wyoming
Most of the earlier 288XP's (and all the 181SE's and 281XP's) didn't have a comp release. These saws have a small pulley diameter (less mechanical advantage). Combine that with stout compression...................and you need to have your man pants on. They're not the worst saw to start, but they do require commitment. A working throttle latch will make things much easier (I've seen many of these saws with the op-pres/throttle latch removed for some reason).

Here's the drill. Follow it for EACH pull of the rope:

Set the throttle latch.

1)Pull slowly until the engine JUST clicks over TDC.

2)Reset the rope WITHOUT turning the engine farther over.

3)Focus and pull like you mean it.

4)Repeat 1-3 as needed. "Flailing away" with the rope doesn't work with these saws.

If you're cold starting, only pull a couple times with the choke closed (unless the saw was dry and you just filled 'er up). If you miss the 'pop' (while pulling with the choke closed) and flood the saw, you'll have to remove the spark plug and pull with the choke OPEN a bunch of times (turning the saw upside-down while pulling it through helps if it's badly flooded) to clear it out. After the 'pop', open the choke about half way and do the drill again. Should light and run. The usual stuff....
cat-face timber

cat-face timber

Knot Bumper
Mar 19, 2010
WOW.. I sure have a **** eating grin..
She runs, love the sound of her.
Bucked up some old pine I had here at the house and wow..
I had to borrow the 28" bar from my 385XP, fit perfectly.
Oils very well.
I am very very happy.
Thanks to all that helped me, I will not name you all, as I will forget somebody.
Just know this, before I became a member I would never have even attempted this.
Here are some pics.
IMG_20140510_160430_734.jpg IMG_20140510_160423_459.jpg IMG_20140510_160446_437.jpg IMG_20140510_160652_301.jpg IMG_20140510_160655_190.jpg
stihl will

stihl will

ArboristSite Lurker
Aug 22, 2010
does anyone know if a 288xp is different than a 288. I am looking to buy a piston and rings for my 288xp and all I can find on the site that sell the parts is a piston set for a 288. just don't want to order it if its the wrong one. Thanks sorry for high jacking your thread