ign.coil K700 Partner - hi performance chinee option - is it for real



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Jul 19, 2021
Canton, Ohio 44721,
I know it's not vaporware, I'm just trying find out if it's advantageous.
And yeah, it's a -chain-saw forum,but I'd highly suspect that there is some cross-over likely.
On a 2000's+ K650/700 Partner cut off saw, the coil share many characteristics, but is a good deal smaller. I'm fairly certain that the iron core with mounting holes will prove compatible, but I'm going to have to faux assemble my rebuild project far enough to guess whether the chinee hi-perf. unit will still hide under the plastic cooling ducting.
I've sent messages to the seller trying to learn what I can, but it;s fairly obvious they might be hindered by -english- as a second language (i.e. no help so far).
A fella' I'm buying a box of parts from tells me it looks a lot like a K750 (+) coil he's accustomed too.
Since I'm not getting knowledgeable response on the standard -chainsaw- forum, so I brought it here to the H.Pwr. interested set.


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