Japanese maple not fully leafed out

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New Member
May 16, 2021
Central PA
Hello. I'm new to the forum and looking for some help with a new Bloodgood Japanese maple. It was planted last fall as a bailed & burlap transplant. It's about 5-6 feet tall. I live in south-central PA. The tree seems healthy but hasn't fully leafed out yet so I'm a little concerned and wanted to get some guidance on whether anything more is needed to keep the tree healthy.

I watered it regularly in the fall after planting (planted on Veterans' Day 11/11) but I probably didn't start watering early enough in March. Leaves started to appear in late March and have kept slowly appearing, but only about a third of the branches have leaves. I started watering regularly in April - about 5-6 gallons once a week. Other than not having many leaves the tree appears to be healthy. The branches are pliable. I scratched the bark off one and the branch was green.

Should I be concerned and is there anything else I should do to ensure my little tree survives? Thanks for any help!