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Apr 14, 2022
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hey all - We have a 60'+ maple in our front yard (Sugar Maple... I believe). The trunk is about 20' from the house, and 25' from a plumbline down from the utility lines at the street.

Over the years, our local utility has trimmed the tree on the street-site only. This has created a pretty drastic (in my opinion) imbalance in the tree which leaves it heavily weighted toward our house.

Five years ago, when they came, I talked with the Utility arborist about it, and he recommended to trim only this time, but if it needed trimming the next cycle, they would take it out. Fast forward to this week, the area arborist for the utility says that they are going to trim it (street side) and will not remove the tree - not because he thinks it doesn't need it, but because it would cost the utility too much money.

So I have a couple of questions:
1) Do I have an unreasonable fear/risk aversion to that Sugar Maple being heavily trimmed on only one side? Does essentially removing 1/3 of the side opposite our house not pose any increased risk for myself or my family?
2) If it does pose an increased risk, how do I best move forward to convince the utility to work with me. I'm not looking for a free tree removal. We LOVE the shade that it provides, and it is gorgeous in the fall. I just don't like having the bulk of the weight of the tree over our house.

Allright - noob. .. all ears.