McCulloch Chainsaw HP Specs (Pro Mac 610 especially + others)

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Jun 9, 2017
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Flint MI
On multiple occasions I've looked around for HP ratings specifically for the McCulloch Pro Mac 605 and 610 chainsaws and have never been able to find anything.

Neither of the manuals I have for them mention the actual HP rating, nor does Acres specs. I'd really like to know as I've been compiling specs for different models for HP, weight, CC etc. Mostly just Stihl & Husky from the files I found at Sluga's Saw shop for those two. I've pieced together a fair number of Echo saws as well. But I've never been able to find anything regarding the 610, 605, etc. 10-10 series and pretty much any other mcculloch saw would be helpful and nice to have too!

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Especially for the 610, 10-10 series, pro mac 650 (which is supposed to be 30% more than the 610 to my understanding), and the big arse 87cc 650. etc etc. Not really concerned with any of the saws under about 50cc. Except maybe the 3200, 1635av & 1838av.

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