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Jul 6, 2014
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I received a copy of this month's "Stihl's Outdoor Buzz" e-magazine today and in it is an article about a couple naming their son Stihl. If he's not a member here he should be...

It was a difficult time for both Tamourae and Darwin, but by chance their lives crossed in May 2013. It may not have been love at first sight but the connection was undeniable. Early in life, Tamourae was advised by doctors that she would have difficulty getting pregnant and if she did, she would have trouble carrying a baby full term. In November 2013, much to their surprise, Tamourae was just over 5 months pregnant!

During the short time of knowing they were expecting and after confirming they were having a boy, one of the things they needed to do was to come up with a list of names. After some discussions, they could not arrive at any decisions or really even close to what seemed right. They were frustrated.

Tamourae woke up one morning trying to remember the details of a dream she had the night before. She remembered that her dream included her typing an email to Darwin. When she was pondering about the email, she physically remembers typing each key stroke of Darwin’s email address. His email address, in the dream and real life, includes the words ‘STIHL’ and ‘boy’. That morning she ran back into the bedroom and woke Darwin up to tell him that she had the perfect name. She was confident that Darwin would like it. She loved the idea. As she told Darwin the name Stihl, she watched as his face lit up. He looked elated. That was the moment Tamourae knew that Stihl would be the name of their unborn son.

The delivery was very scary. The cord was wrapped around his neck twice. It came out first, called prolapsed, as well as his heart was crashing. Tamourae was rushed to the operating room for an emergency c-section. The amazing health care providers saved his life. A couple hours later, Tamourae woke up to meet her beautiful son.

On March 1st, 2014 their healthy perfect son Stihl was born. He is a big, strong and healthy boy. They joke that he is “built to last”.

This year was Darwin’s first “Father’s Day”. Tamourae wanted to get in touch with STIHL, to tell the Stihl family about Darwin, and their son being named after them.

Here’s a quote from Tamourae…

“Who would have known years ago that a family business they started would produce amazing products and inspire the name of a baby this many years later. Darwin is an arborist and has been tree trimming/removing trees off and on for 26 years. He loves what he does and he has always preferred STIHL chain saws and products. The other thing I love about my son’s name is that it is a different unique first name. I also believe, thanks to the Stihl family business and name, his name stands for success, family, strength, leadership, quality, endurance, rebuilding or restoration, perseverance, value and passion. This is a name that honours his Dad and makes me proud. I thank the Stihl family and hope they are honoured as well.”

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