ms660 idle issues

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May 23, 2020
united states
You have to develop a more methodical approach You‘re all over the place, just chasing your tail.
You should establish if you have an air leak first. That’s done with a vac/pressure test.
Special tools are needed.
And there shouldn’t be ANY saw dust anywhere when you’re replacing a cylinder.
im aware that there should be no sawdust anywhere when replacing the cylinder, i did that already, cleaned everything up real nice before i did that. reason im a little bit all over the place is lack of experience with 2 stroke engines, cuz to me the saw behaves like its having a fuel or spark issue, but thats with my limited understanding. doing the best i can to get the saw up and running without investing into specialty tools that will just end up sitting around, not being used. youre right though, i need to figure out if it is an air leak or not. might see how much the saw shop in town would charge to vac test it, just to be sure. thanks for the advice, i do appreciate it.

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