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Marc the Architect

Marc the Architect

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Nov 1, 2019
Allaire New Jersey
Hello from New Jersey. I have been following the site for some time now and I am new to the milling.. I currently have a Stihl ms180, a ms361, and a 011t (that is a basket case), all of which are great saws but obviously not a mill saw. I also have a Granberg Alaskan mill that I plan on trying out soon. I am looking at a Stihl Ms661 for milling some 28-30" white oak with a 32 or 36" bar. I will probably add an auxilary oiler to the bar as well.
Now regarding the 661... I had a new NON M tronic MS 661 lined up but the shop got robbed the night before I was supposed to pick it up.. So, now I am in search of the same saw but as you know it is impossible to find.. However, a few shops have the 661 CM (mtronic) and I am considering buying one.. Should I be concerned about the Mtronic when milling? I know that it is customary to richen up the carb when milling, however, the Mtronic does not allow this.. I did some research on the site regarding this issue but could not find that much specifically addressing this concern.. Maybe because it is not a concern? I do not know? Should I wait for a non Mtronic unit to show up or go for the Mtronic? As you know, Stihl has a back order on the large saws like the 661.. Am I lucky to even find a 661 in any configuration. Also, I am not in a hurry and could wait a couple of months if needed.
Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Apr 19, 2020
I'd be hesitant to go m-tronic.
Also of note, you loose about 6" of bar length to the mill so would need the 36" bar for a 30" log.
Check out the csmilling101 thread if you haven't already seen it.
Happy milling :D

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