New to me Stihl Clutch and Chain Brake Spring Covers



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Jan 17, 2015
Apologies I did use the search and nothing came up.
It has been at least 5 to 6 years since I purchased a new saw, well with the ice storm and flood damage this year in Ky my dad lost both of his Stihl saws in the flood waters, the saws were fully submerged at least 8 hours if not longer.
The next day I found the saws when I was there helping with the clean up. Dad and I removed the air filters and spark plugs with muddy river water pouring out of the intake and piston head. Now in my dad's defense he thought he had placed both saws on a trailer when they were scrambling to get the mowers, atvs, tillers, etc loaded to take them to safety of the flood waters.
Ok they are goners and not worth the parts to fix, so I purchased dad the only 261 my dealer had and even with the decompression valve and my dad's age, it was a little too much for him. No problem dad you have been using my 241 more and more so here it is yours I will keep the 261 and use it. Well two weeks later I could tell my dad was not completely happy with the 241 mainly when starting, he got use to those easy start saws and at his age he can have whatever he wants, so I purchased him a new 251 easy start and I am getting back my 241.

Fast forward I am going to say 15 to 20 tanks through the 261, storm damage clean up and falling trees for their new house seat when you skin a fallen tree or limbing sideways, I have never seen a chainsaw throw discharge out in a violent splatter pattern as much as that 261. I took it apart and studied it, the chain brake spring cover is a totally different design along clutch cover, the directional channels are lower and closer to the chain, plus clutch cover is a little shorter at the bottom and that has to be the reason why it splatters so much. I compared this to the 241, only thing I had close enough to compare it to design wise. The 241 has a the older pre-black design on the chain brake spring cover and even with the shorter clutch cover it discharges differently.
I am going to look up the chain brake spring cover and clutch cover for the 260 and get them ordered to change out on the 261 to see if this helps, yes I know I am losing the captive nuts on the clutch cover which I really like, but I will keep it old school to keep the discharge under control better.

After picking up the 400, went through it and same darn design on the chain brake spring cover and clutch cover as the 261 well hell I am not going to deal with that on this saw. I have now ordered an original white pre-black 362 chain brake spring cover and the full height 441 clutch cover exactly what I have on my 362 and 441 to control the discharge.

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this discharge issue with the newer saws?

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