Norway maple removal?



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Jan 22, 2018
Hi all
I hope I'm posting this to the right forum. I currently have a client who is concerned about a norway maple that is over his house, and I'm finding myself scratching my head on what course of action to recommend. The tree is not huge, maybe 40 ft tall and 24in at the base. It looks like it had a lightning strike 2-3 years ago but is healing relatively well and the canopy is in good shape. As you all know, these trees are brittle and drop a lot of limbs, which is an issue for the house. It is located on the leeward side of a hill so it is protected from stiff winds. The client is reluctant to lose the shade of provides but recognizes that it will eventually need to come down. The tree is small enough to make it an easy removal. If it gets much larger access will get a little tight and rigging the overhangs off the house will require a little more care than they currently would. I don't want to remove a tree that doesn't need it, but I'm having hard time seeing pruning doing much good for this one. I welcome any and all insights here.
I can post pictures later this weekend if need be.
Thanks in advance,

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