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Jun 30, 2021
Gamaliel AR
Hello All,
I have searched for but could find nothing about a chipper I have. It is a Olathe 300. It is a fixed chute (towards truck) drum chipper with a 300 L6 Ford Industrial. The engine block was cracked and had a bad carb, I have swapped the forged parts to the newer block I had and added a new carb. The belt driven governor seems to work. It is a scary thing to hear run. A manually engaged clutch spins a massive counter weight. Once the clutch is disengaged and the engine shut down the weight and drum continue to spin for 5 or so minutes.
I paid 500 for the machine a 300 for the newer block and a couple hundred more for the carb and gaskets and parts. The blades were supposed to have been sharpened (been kinda scared to stick my head in there to see.)

I ate a 5 inch 15 foot long ash tree in less than a second. But it seems to not get the smaller stuff. Possible anvil misalignment? I cannot find anything about this model. Besides the fact they were sold to Toro and not a lot of people seem to like the brand. Any 20210630_062250.jpg20210630_062333.jpg20210630_062346.jpg20210630_062411.jpg20210630_062429.jpg

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