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Jun 13, 2001
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Dayton Nevada.
I got this saw together after it sat in a saw shop for a while. Runs up nice and has the power for sure. Everytime I shut it off it floods. When it starts again it smokes and burbles until it cleans out and then it idles and runs up nice until I turn it off again. I can flip the switch off and back on, and try to start again right away and it is flooded. I thought OK no problem the metering diaphragm it too high. It has the type where the little tit goes into the fork and I got it right. The gasket is also down against the body. Passages clear and needles at just a tad over one turn. If it sits a day it will start cold and smoke and sputter until it clears out then AOK again (until it is shut off). Has anyone experienced this?