Quick observation between Stihl woodcutter and Husqvarna X-guard

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Sep 25, 2021
South East
Hey all,

I noticed the other day that my 661cm wasn't oiling the 28" bar as well as I would like, and I felt like I had to put the adjustment screw higher than a 28" bar should need (bar was buried in 30" oak though). So I did some reading and found that the Stihl Woodcutter bar and chain oil that I had been using was considered by many a "summer" blend. The temps on that day were about 65-68 degrees.

So today I did a simple cardboard comparison between Stihl's Woodcutter and Husqvarna's X-Guard to see if I could notice a difference.
Test conditions:
-54 degrees outside throughout the test
-28" bar and chain
-No changes to saw between tests other than changing oil. No cutting of wood between tests. I simply wiped the bar down after the first test.
-I let the saw warm up, blipped the throttle several times in each spot (as close to the same duration for each line as I could), and that was it.

You may notice the Still Woodcutter left a more "defined" line, and that the Husqvarna X-Guard left a "hazy" or "blurred" line. You'll also notice that on the top left and bottom left of the cardboard, on the Husqvarna side, the cardboard seems darker. All of that is because Husqvarna's X-Guard would spray a visible fine mist off the bar during each rev, noticeably more so than Stihl's oil.

Interpreting the results:
I'd be interested to hear y'all's interpretation. It does seem like Stihl's Woodcutter has a higher viscosity (thicker) so it makes sense as a summer blend (though I don't believe it is advertised by Stihl to be so), and Husqvarna's X-Guard seems thinner. I'll also say that it is noticeably easier to pour Stihl's Woodcutter straight from the bottle without spilling than Husqvarna's X-Guard.

Next time I get out there I'll cut some wood with the Husky oil and see if I notice the chain oiling a bit better.


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Nov 4, 2019
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I've used both, the Husky is a thinner oil. I run the Stihl oil all year and never noticed any issues. Longer bars especially in hardwood require more oil. I'd just turn the wick up on the oiler and continue cutting. I'm all for experimentation though. Find what works best for you and run with it.

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