Saw Fest Ohio



Oct 10, 2019
Copy and pasted all the post to one.

We aint scared of living our lives and having fun still. Just in case a someone might want to attend from here.

2nd annual chainsaw festival, Couple good friends does this one.


In Ohio down near Marysville. If need address for directions just ask in message.

There is camping area and porta pots.

Saw Fest events (round file only)
Saw classes
45-54cc(.325 only)
(3/8)55-64cc 75-84cc 92+cc
Cheap saw shootout (46cc .325 only pp295-craftsman- Ryobi Homelite) must be a plastic case.
Stock saw ms170
Disk stack
Cookie contest
Obstacles pole
Barrel split (two man teams)
Axe throw bracket
Junior stock saw
Chain change contest
Demo’s including chopping Bike saw 3120 hot saw

Just a friendly reminder to bring your ppe and your favorite splitting axe/maul. A lot of you already know this but waivers will need to be signed in order to compete.

Just putting this out there. Everyone must use their own saws for each competition. You can’t use the same saw as someone else is using. Please do not run nitromethane or alcohol(pump gas/canned gas only) This is a firewood format. All safety gear must be worn while competing. Chains must be round filed/grind. I’m trying to keep this as fair as I can so everyone has a good time. Thank you for understanding. 

To those of you competing in the Cheap Saw Shootout. You can use what ever fuel you want BUT only in the Cheap Saw Shootout! Please only use what you are comfortable with. Don't need any saws going boom.

Something else we will be doing at sawfest this year... we are getting 10 chains donated from Jeremy Cole and his wife at razzorsharp. We will be giving 1 away to each of the top 3 finishers and the other 7 chains will be going up for a raffle. The raffle money will directly go back in to help fund next year's sawfest. We as a group can't thank them enough for the donations to help our event so that be said thanks again Jeremy. Ticket prices will be 5 dollars a piece or 5 for 20.

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Damn count me in for the next event. Looks super awesome


Redneck Chainsaw Repair
May 11, 2012

Eric = So the boys and I (Saw Fest Committee) have added a competition for this year‘s Saw Fest. We will be adding clone wars to the list. This is a 100% clone competition. The saw of choice will be the 660. You can pick witch brand of aftermarket 660 clone you prefer. We came up with the 660 because that seems to be the most popular and plentiful saw. Same rules apply as last year. Round file only 3/8 must run on pump gas. Woods porting is definitely allowed. 
The cheap saw shootout with have a different saw this year. The poulan wild thing will be what is needed for that competition. The saw has to still be the 40/42cc saw but do whatever you want to them to make them fast as they can be.
Any questions or feedback would be great!!