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Sold Solo 654.

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Dec 17, 2015
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I'm selling this nice Solo 654 for $65 plus shipping.

This saw was a pleasure to work on, and is in nice shape.
I pulled the muffler and at first glance the piston appeared to be significantly scored by carbon, but I took a pointy piece of plastic and rubbed it along the bottom of the piston and it was smooth. Then rubbed the ring area of the piston, and had a few scratches, but was mostly smooth. Appears to be mostly blemishing rather than scratches. Compression felt good also.
It has a plastic cleanable cartridge air cleaner, and it was filthy inside and out. I think what happened is the saw was stalling, and when he took it to the shop, they pulled the muffler, saw the blemishes, and told him it was scored... when all it really needed was an air filter cleaning, and possibly a carb kit.

Anyway, I squirted some pre-mix into the carb, and it fired right up and ran strong. Felt like good compression. I see no need to replace the piston, but if you had to, I saw a new one on Ebay for $20.32.
Everything looks intact and in good shape on the saw. Chain brake works good. Really interesting saw. Cushion on the top handle is torn a bit on the bottom portion. One of the bar stud nuts is missing.



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