Specifications for Stihl hose on FS90 trimmer


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May 11, 2022
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I was wondering if anyone potentially knows what the specifications (mainly ID x OD) are for a hose, which I think is the impulse hose, on the Stihl FS90. It makes sense that it would be an impulse hose since it connection from the bottom of the carb to the crankcase.

From what I could find on the limited IPLs available, it is Stihl part # 4180 141 8601, and one parts site lists the name as "Stihl Hose 47.5mm". This is the approximate length which I measured on the one I removed from my trimmer but there is no specification of ID/OD. The markings indicate it is an "R1" hose. Googling only lead me to some other forums which gave specifications for the smaller "R3" hoses on this trimmer and another "R1" hose which is smaller. It also appears that the hose IDs/ODs are not whole mm increments since I am finding specs like 3.1 mm ID x 5.7 mm OD for some of the hoses.

I am trying to replace this hose on my trimmer and would potentially like to substitute with a comparable hose due to availability/cost if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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