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Want to Sell Stihl 090AV for sale. $2500.00



Contra Hoarder
Aug 22, 2014
I’d steer clear. Post is 17 months old from a member who signed up solely to sell a saw. Red flags EVERYWHERE.

There is a trusted seller here, Robin Wood, who is able to get grey market OEM Saws from overseas. Shoot him a PM about getting a 070 with a 090 kit. I don’t have that kind of $$ for a saw but if I did, that would be the way I went. Do a search here......

I’m well aware, I have a few shelves of Contras, Contra S, Contra G, Contra GS, 070, 070 AV, 090, 090 AV, and 090G saws. I also have new 070 from Robin, I was only inquiring because the OP stated the saw wouldn’t last long and I was curious as to how it lasted sooooo long.


ArboristSite Operative
May 13, 2014
In this price range a restoration should be professionally powdercoated in my opinion, the paint job does not look good. An 090AV is a rare saw and that bar is awfully nice but overall the presentation doesn't match the level of the asking price at all :(
I have to agree. The paint is rough and not "factory". The bar nuts that are rounded over (in the "tightening" direction, no less), etc...