Stihl Old/Vintage name plates



ArboristSite Operative
Feb 9, 2020
Cairns Nth Qld Australia
Hey Fellow Chainsaw lovers,

I am sure this has been asked more than a few times, but does anyone know where or how to get older Stihl name plates/badges from ?

I have looked on ebay with almost no luck. I am just so surprised (considering my CAD) is only new compared to a lot of other long standing members that you cannot purchase original name plates anymore. I have a old 08S that needs the original Stihl logo badge, 031, 032 and a 051 that need nice new badges.
I have just purchased 2 x 056AV Magnum 2's that would look sensational with new badges, but i just cannot get them. As much as I prefer genuine parts I would even be happy with replicas if they were available.

With the amount of old or vintage Stihl saws getting restored surely STIHL Germany can see there is a market for them.

And I am sure even the McCulloch saw name logo's would or must be hard to get.