Things to consider when EITHER deciding to mod your 562 OR having someone else mod your 562



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Apr 9, 2004
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I had this buried in the
Learning About Husqvarna 562xp's .. The Saga begins. (MUCH more to come BTW)

thread a while back but think after a few conversations I've had recently it might need a fresh posting...IF you plan to tweak your 562xp or plan to send it out, make certain the interference issues are fully understood both by you and your chosen builder....:) Now I know the "main stream" saw builders here that you all know and love understand this this is OLD NEWS to them. Who I'm trying to direct this to is that fringe shop who does a saw or three and has seen the video's of ported saw and gets asked by their customer to try and add a bit of snap to their saw...decides to give it a try using the standard approaches from years gone by...:) AND to the guy like me who likes to tinker with saws and just bought a 562xp...

The SECOND half of this video is where the meat of the discussion is.
And this is before the discussion relative to heat issues. Cover mods and muffler mods can go a long way to helping those issues. They are not discussed in this video. But are in the 2012 562 build video's.

Having thrown out the "wet blanket" I do have to say my main work saw is one of these ones I've done the research on. Love the thing and worth the effort I put into these 562's. And the other ones out there being run by some others are also absolute successes. They have more power, almost a match of a stock 372 without the weight and vibration. AND along with the muffler and cover mods don't seem to have hot start issues although I understand because its a small sample of 562's that may simply be statistics. Definitely an improvement over an already excellent saw. AND the others who might be intrigued by this entire video series is those who got an early one with problems or a blown up one for cheap..:) They are worth the hassle of bringing them back with upgrades and tweaks.

( And I stress I don't do these for anyone other than a small group of locals who help and test for the channel, just for hobby & the channel & those who test for me, not a builder for hire directly. But there are several really good builders / sponsors here who can & do going way further than I do relative to porting & timing changes.)