Things to test/look-for when you buy a "floor model" chainsaw? (echo cs590)

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Jun 8, 2020
So when I realized saws were becoming scarce, quickly, I decided to pull the trigger on a long-contemplated purchase, the echo 590, anyway once I realized how scarce things were I immediately went to a store saying they had 3, get there and they have none...find no stores in my area offering them...find that Home Depot will sell me the floor model, thing is in visually-perfect shape, I buy it & a can of echo 50:1 and go outside and start it, thing acted/sounded "as it should" EXCEPT that it stalled-out once (probably my fault anwyay, was while it was still very cold and I've never used decomp valves am used to prime bulbs, after letting it fast-idle for like 5sec after that it was fine, I let it sit at idle a few minutes, revving it a lil here&there*, then left happily)

Thanks for ANY ideas on things to look for, I wanna put this to use ASAP but not until I check for things, and I only know how to check for used-saw problems like compression or bad lines/carbs, never contemplated what could be hurt on a floor-model saw!

(also...kinda an aside, and I know everyone's got a different opinion BUT....What are *your* recommendations on how to 'start use' / break-in this saw? I see all echo's as needing carb-richening right off the bat. I see all saws as being something that, when new, should simply be turned-on to fast-idle, then idle for a minute or two, then off. Repeat several times. THEN begin full throttle usage, with an aim to "go easier" on the unit as you 'bed-in' the block. Any &all insight on your tips/approaches to new saws is greatly appreciated, can proudly say all of my saws are better than they were 1yr ago :D )
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