Tree Care business for sale in Tampa, Fl.

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Aug 30, 2009
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I started the company in 2009 during the recession and am still going strong. This is my first listing so I may miss out on some details so reply if you have specific questions.

Five employees, bucket and dump truck, chipper, stump grinder bobcat skid steer and dump trailer.
Full time secretary and Quickbooks records.
We perform both commercial and residential. Huge detailed customer list and detailed history. For certain customers we offer landscape design and installation, artificial turn, landscape lighting. As an ISA certified arborist I also specialize in tree health care, preservation and installation. I would entertain an apprenticeship to “buy in”. We’ve averaged $4-550,000 gross revenue every year since 2009 all in Tampa Bay of which 80% plus is within six miles from the yard which is priceless for equipment usage, fuel, convenience etc.