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Jan 19, 2021
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Congrats on the ms180. It's a fine lightweight saw and will work nice for cleaning up and brush cutting. As for a 2nd saw I would suggest a 60cc saw class. because you said you wouldn't use it but 3 times a year I would stick to the cheaper home owner saws. But feel free to buy a pro saw if you got extra money. My saw plan was originally a ms250 and a cheap poulan from Wal-Mart. I still have both but I needed a bigger saw so I bought a pro ms362 59cc. It is a wonderful firewood saw and light enough that I pretty much fell the tree and buck up the whole tree leaving only the small stuff 3inches and under for my ms250. My choice for a second saw with very little usage would be for me a sthil ms311, 391,pro362 ,or pro ms400. However for the price the cs590 timberwolf is very awesome but I have no run time on one. I know nothing about the huskys other than my 40cc poulan is basically a heavy cheap husky but it too runs well. However all non pro saws will weigh about 14 pounds no bar the prosaws are about 12.5 pounds. In this 60cc class.


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Nov 14, 2022
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lagrange ky
I've had m yStihl ms251c for 6 yrs, and its been good, but after what I've been goin through lately with it (transfer cvr fell off), amongst other things, I'll never pay that much for a saw again.


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Dec 20, 2007
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It's interesting that you mention this. A relative bought one a couple of months ago and he's been showing it to me, and keeps talking about how much he likes it. I'm seriously considering the CS-590 as it seems like a lot of saw for the money. I just think it's going to be a bit too big for small stuff. So if I go this route, I'll need something smaller as well.

The MS261 I'd initially considered is seeming less appealing to me with the more thought I put into it. I get that I need a saw more now than I have in the past, but if my 250 lasted me 15-18 years, I just can't see the 261 lasting all that much longer than that, even if it is a better saw. Stuff just breaks down over time. I just can't see how I'd get my moneys worth. I could also end up with two saws for the same price which seems a lot more appealing.

I'm really strongly considering the CS-590, then picking up a smaller saw such as a Stihl MS180 or an Echo CS-310. These are the two top contenders. As much as I want to avoid Stihl this go around, I'm really liking the MS180. It seems like the combo would cost me slightly less than a single MS261, but do a lot more. Plus I'd have two saws that I could use if I got one stuck, one was down, or I have a friend helping me cut stuff. It just seems like a big advantage, so it's the way I'm leaning right now. Any opinions? Do you all think this is the way to go, or am I better off to forgo this idea and just spend the money on a single saw? Any opinions on which is the better choice of the two small saws? The only reason I wouldn't want to go this route is if I'm buying a saw that is going to be junk, or dead in 3 years versus getting a saw that will last me the next 15-20 years.

I'm thinking if I do end of fixing my MS250 at some point in addition to the other two, I'd really have a saw for pretty much any job I'd encounter.
I'm going to plus 1 the 590 and 310 combo, very reliable will start every time.

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