Young man (father, son, husband) lost his life trying to make a living for his family

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Mar 10, 2023
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SA Florida
This is a very sad sub Forum, but I can see the value of it, for both young and old tree trimmers. :-(
A young "family" man at our church trimmed trees for a living. I actually hired him to do some work for me. He was very competent in his work. But, in the tree trimming business, things can go bad fast, and really bad really fast. A few weeks after he did work for me I heard that he had died doing tree work. Apparantly, he was up high in a tree cutting while his ground crew was cutting other trees. One of there trees fell and pinned him between the 2 trees. So hard that he could not breath. He was to high to reach and they called the fire department out. They had to use a Ladder Truck to get to him. Took to long and he did not make it. He left behind a young family with no dad. Very sad. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE when cutting trees "expect and plan" for everything possible.