John Deere J3816 Chainsaw tuneup

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    I was asked to tune a John Deere J3816 chainsaw by a friend. I have always been able to tweak a little more power out of a 2 cycle so I said what the hey.

    The saw barely ran when I got it. After several minutes of trying to adjust the Plastic EPA idiot knobs and failing to get any better sound out of it than when I got it, I set it aside and went inside to cool off.

    Later I disassembled the carb twice. The second time taking the idiot knobs off so I could get the jets out to clean them. I was able to find good information about the general tune up on the ZAMA carb web site.

    While inside I called the JD dealer figuring they would carry a carb rebuild kit. Nope, John Deere doesn’t even show the saw on their database anymore and it’s only a couple of years old. I was told they would not be carrying hand held tools anymore. By the way the saw was built by Homelite for John Deere and doesn’t show up as a Homelite either.

    A couple of lawn equipment dealers could order the kits but did not stock them. I found several places on line which showed to carry them but I needed the saw to run now. Using the 2 turns out as a base setting I started pulling the little tyrant and after playing with the lean screw for a while I was able to get it to pop weakly. After more tweaking it would idle and after another 20 minutes it was going great. Did I say I put a new plug in it? Anyhow now my buddy is griping that I charged him to much for fixing it.

    You can’t win.

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