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  1. C

    bottom-end seizure? (P&C are still mint)

    Any thoughts on non P&C related seizures? Can crank-bearings seize a saw? Friend brought me a fairly new, seized saw he had come across, with very little info about it. First unusual thing i found was that it had something other than fuel in the tank, seemed like water. Anyway, took off...
  2. B

    Rod bearing failure - serviceable?

    I have a ms660 huztl clone that i built. Ran amazingly for all of about 4 hours and then started having some strong engine vibration. 2 or 3 minutes later (i really wanted to finish the last few cuts) it seized up. Disassembled the top end and found that the rod->crankshaft bearing is...
  3. K

    064 - >066 hybrid air leak

    Alright here goes, As the title says I performed my 2nd 064 to 066 big bore conversion, not sure if that's relevant to this issue though.. After the swap I pressure/vac tested, found a leaking Flywheel side crank seal, replaced that. Then found a leak at the clutch side bearing seat in the...
  4. WoodsliverDan

    Husqvarna 550xp bearings

    Hi all, looking for information on the 550xp pto side bearing. I know there has been an update (or 2?) since the 550 and 562 has been released. I am looking at bearings and see both the 525 43 42-01 and the 525 43 42-03 bearings listed for the clutch side. Which one is the one I want? They are...
  5. Phileroo

    Pully bearing replacement

    Has anyone ever replaced a bearing in an isc pully before? We have a little green one and its making a bunch of noises that it shouldent make. The sheave is also flopping around more than it should.