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brush bandit

  1. Joshua anderson

    Brush bandit 250xp with jd 4045 no start

    Have a 250xp my dad bought new in 2001 im trying to start. We ran it a little over a year ago everything was fine now i just put a new battery in it and can not get it to do anything. Ive checked the plug on the disk compartment along with every other connection at the panel ive got power...
  2. Benjamin Absher

    Want to buy Truck and Chipper

    It's time I make the leap. I am looking for a dump truck and chipper of reasonable price and working condition. Bucket/chip combos are a possibility. If you have equipment to sell, send me the information with pictures and we can go from there. Thank you in advance for your responses!
  3. Robin TJ's Tree Girl


    So my IGNITION/ key MURPHY switch had to be replaced and a mechanic I know came to fix it. He did not take a picture of how it was hooked up and once the new switch was put on has not been able to get it connected correctly again. IT HAS BEEN 4 DAYS AND HAS COST ME $1000's!!!!! THIS IS TERRIBLE...
  4. rudydose

    Sharpening feed wheels.

    Hi there. I have a 2005 bandit 90xp and I feel like it just doesn't pull like it should. I have done a lot of research and asked a lot of guys and they all suggest sharpening my feed wheels. Anyone have and words of advice or know I how I go about doing this
  5. J

    chipper sizes

    hi im hoping that i can get some good advise on what size and style chipper to get i started my tree service about 6 months ago and now its time to get a chipper i been looking at a 93 toro commercial auto feed type it has a 24hp but im not sure if thats going to be big enough. so dose anyone...