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  1. Jan-Sietze

    Show your Wood Stove

    Simply take a photo and show us your wood stove: This is our Attika Gabo, these wood stoves are made in Switzerland 7-9 kW
  2. bfrazier

    Woohoo! I've Got 12" Wood!!!

    Ok, now that I have you here... ;-) I really do have something to say about firewood! I bought a 22 year old house and it came with a stack of pathetic leftover wood of bizarre random lengths from 12" out to about 22" in length, which is about the max my stove could use. When I got to actually...
  3. jjcard41

    Wood stove or add on wood furnace?

    Hello everyone, I've been cutting firewood for a long time for family and some for myself just for the outdoors. It's something I enjoy doing and gets me some exercise. Well, I recently bought an old two story farm house in the country with a full basement and there was an older wood stove set...