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  1. wireedm

    Echo CS-490

    I've been cutting with a beloved Husqvarna 394xp as my only saw for the last 25 years. It's only used a few times throughout the year to keep the firewood shed stocked and since we have a Blaze King we only use 2-1/2 to 3 cords a year. I'm a little slow, so it has taken this long to figure out...
  2. CoreyB

    Stihl 056 super barn findfind

    I recently found this 056 super in a barn. Looks like in solid shape. I thought if I could get her running I could use it as the power head for a chainsaw mill.
  3. wde_1978

    Solo 615 VA - help with repair/parts needed!

    Solo 615 VA Last weekend my dad brought a Solo 615 VA home. It is in quite bad condition but is said to have been run till the starter assembly got damaged - that was supposedly 6-7 years ago. Turning the flywheel confirms that it has compression, to be seen how much. Before...