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  1. Aaron Rybicki

    Any Saw Collectors up Michigan way?

    Just wondering if there are any chainsaw collectors around my neck of the woods. I'm up in Manistee County, MI. I'm starting a collection myself. Mostly 70s Macs. I can't be the only one around here with the Yellow Fever. But if you collect any type and live nearby, gimmie a shout.
  2. P

    Frustrated with Stihl Chain!

    Stihl MS291 has me baffled. This is the chain: STIHL 3689 005 0081 Oilomatic 26 RM3 81. I have sharpened countless chainsaws in my life using nothing but a file and I have never had a problem until I purchased this saw. I am doing everything right. I am holding a 3/16 file at a 30 degree angle...
  3. Pakai Boti

    25cc Chainsaw porting

    Hello My Zenoah g2500 chainsaw has seized.I am looking to buy a new top end, and I would like to port it somehow.Can you give me some advices where should I take some metal off?
  4. C

    Throttle response

    Hello. I have always the same problem. I have a hs87r trimmer, ms211c chainsaw, and hl95 long reach. I've replaced the diaphragm in all and now when I first start the machines from cold they won't respond to throttle untill they warm up a little. Then they run perfect, if I stop them and then...
  5. Aaron Rybicki

    Want to buy Bigger CC McCulloch Saws

    Looking to get my hands on any of the following saws if anyone has one to sell. Doesn't have to be pretty, just mechanically sound. - Super Pro 81 - 7-10A - Pro Mac 850 - SP125 Thanks, Aaron
  6. Phileroo

    444se price

    I have a 444se that got from a friend and got it working pretty good. It has the metal tank and all metal chain brake with the adjustable chain brake. It does have some paint missing but other than that its in good shape. Do you guys have any idea what this would go for if i were to sell it?
  7. Allar

    Husqvarna 545 Autotune in action - Buckin' Firewood

    Hello friends. Decided to share my first video with you guys, never made a video with action cam before :) I know i have alot to learn regarding video making and recording. About the Husqvarna 545- Wow, what an amazing chainsaw, honestly i really bealive that 50cc is all you need for firewood...
  8. Bedford T

    Big Blue MS380 Clone

    Holzfforma G388 Blue Thunder, will cut with it soon. seems to not have some of the quirks the kit had like the cowl side screw behind the handle.
  9. PietHeyn

    My chainsaw doesn't get any fuel (I think)

    Hello everyone, i'm here because my chainsaw has got some problems, to the point where I want to throw it in my pond It is about a Kibani 58cc 20 inch. It had been working fine for about half a year, and suddenly it just stopped. I was cutting some trees, and suddenly it started to spin like...
  10. Stonesforbrains

    Buy the 562xp or the 365? Christmas bonus burning a hole in my pocket!

    I’m new to the site and I have question. I like the Husqy brand, do I get the 562xp or the 365, both are with a 20” bar. The price is the same at my local dealer that is 7 miles away. I have looked at the Stihl saws very closely too, but The Husqy dealer is closer and a good bunch. I am going...
  11. S

    Chainsaw buying

    I was considering buying an Earthwise CVPS43010 2-in-1 Corded Convertible Chainsaw – polesaw. I've heard some guys rave about them. Given the cost, I checked out the Amazon reviews. The most helpful negative review really has given me pause. It's here if you're interested: Earthwise CVPS43010...
  12. johnnyrock70

    Want to Sell Kioritz Echo 351VL

    Pulled from elderly man's basement. Great compression and spark. Sitting for many years. Very good looking and clean. Looks like early 80's? 16" bar. Shipping from Richmond Virginia. Best offer. $75 obo Thank you
  13. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Partner R16 With Bow

    I have a running Partner R16 in pretty good shape with a bow bar, It needs a chain because the chain was trashed, the bar needs some dressing but I believe the stellite tip is still good. I am currently at work so as soon as I get home I will upload pictures of the saw and check to make sure...
  14. S

    Want to buy Husqvarna 365/372/390 powerheads and parts

    Hello, First post here so I figure I should let you guys know what I do. I'm a faller in British Columbia, specifically logging and danger tree removal for fires around the interior. Im looking to purchase Husqvarna powerheads. I'm mainly interested in stock or modded pre-xtorq 372 or the...
  15. T


    I HAD AN ONAN CHAINSAW (believe it was about a 14-inch?) IN THE EARLY 1970S THAT I BOUGHT AT NAVY EXCHANGE. It was a POS that my BIL took a sledge to, but am amazed I can find ZERO on similar on the internet? Anyone ever have/ hear of ONAN CHAINSAW?
  16. hawkmoto

    Want to Sell Super 1130g Homelite Vintage 100cc Saw

    Excellent condition Runs and cuts now Could lead a collection 27" bar 100cc 6500rpm Homelite Super 1130g Classic Muscle Saw
  17. T

    Recommendations for quality Electric Chainsaw

    Brother has 3 Stihl 170 saws for his Christmas Tree operation that worked well. The only complaint was about noise from a neighbor when the trees get a fresh cut before going out. The cashier booth has it's own electric utility meter and I was thinking a quality electric might be an answer...
  18. Pakai Boti

    Al-ko chainsaw

    Hello, i have an Al-ko kb35\35 chainsaw, but i can't figure it out where the throttle cable goes, somebody tied it with a wire, the carb is wt439A
  19. B

    Stihl cross reference

    does anyone know if there is a cross reference for 031AV and new stihl parts. I understand the ms310 or the 290 are supposed to be replacements for the 031 and 032. I just wonder if anyone has tried using one of those cylinders to repair their saw since they come in 44mm to 49mm. Thanks
  20. D

    Stihl MSA 160 T

    I am looking to buy a Stihl MSA 160 T. Can anybody steer me to a dealer that will ship the saw to the US. I haven't been able to find any dealers outside of the US that will ship to Idaho. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks