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  1. K

    Breaking In a New Echo CS-620PW Chain Saw

    I just bought a new Echo CS-620PW. My old Craftsman saw is about 30 years old and it still runs fine. Just needed a bigger saw. I bought it at a dealer and before leaving he added some fuel and oil and started it just as a demo. Im interested in hearing your thoughts about breaking in a new...
  2. K

    Makita EA6100PR or Echo CS 620PW Chainsaw?

    Hi, I'm about to buy a second chainsaw and I'm torn between the Makita EA6100PR and the Echo CS 620PW with the wrap handle. Both are similarly priced and seem somewhat close in spec. Both are carried by Home Depot if I order online. The Makita has a 1 year warranty and I do have service shops...
  3. paulhogan87

    Want to Sell Stihl S10 for sale!

    Here is my old S10. Dad used to a lot growing up. I had to replace one of the metal guide bars last year. Last summer it ran. Haven't started it this year. Has a freshly sharpened chain. All I know is thisthing is a tank. Heavy but gets the job done. I just picked up a new Stihl 271 and want to...
  4. Y

    old 60s-70s chainsaw questions

    Hi i just joined this great site, allready learned a fair bit from it over the past couple days. Not sure if im posting in the right catigory so let me know. I just got a couple old school saws off craigslist 80$. From what i can gather thier both great reliable saws and im excide to get...
  5. Pakai Boti

    Walbro WA9 on Xenoah G35AV

    Hello.I got a Xenoah chainsaw from a friend, but i don't know where the H needle from the carb is.It is a walbro wa9 carb, I searched on google but no results... any ideas where can i get a whole carb or just the needle?Can you give me more info about this saw?
  6. J

    Husqvarna 61 with 220 psi compression

    Hi to everyone on the forum This is my second post and as per the title I am concerned about the compression level my husqvarna 61 has. First off I rebuilt this saw totally from the bottom up. It has a gilardoni 48mm open port piston and cylinder with a new OEM ring. Essentially when rebuilding...
  7. M

    Can someone please give me advice on what’s wrong with my chainsaw?

    Hi everyone. For a while now I’ve been having trouble with my Partner 370 chainsaw. It cold starts and runs fine but after I’ve cut for a while - 3 or 4 mins, then stop cutting it switches itself off and will refuse to start again no matter how many times i try. After leaving I for a long time...
  8. Alb3456

    Want to Sell Stihl 028AV woodboss

    Hello, I have an older Stihl 028AV wood boss I am needing to sell. It is in great running condition(as you can see in the video), I never have any problems getting it started. Pull cord is in good shape and I just had a new fuel pump, fuel line, fuel filter and plug installed 8 months ago. It...
  9. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Pioneer 650

    I would like to sell my Pioneer 650. It has the original bar and chain. I tried to get it running but couldnt. I dont think the sediment bowl was sealing well enough and pulling enough fuel. I dont know if it will even run anymore. The FM starter has been removed since I bought it and I no...
  10. Pakai Boti

    Husqvarna 435 issue

    Hi, i have a husqvarna 435, but when i push the primer bulb 6 times,gas comes out of the tank vent.It starts very hard,runs good but stalls.I replaced the fuel lines and the filter too
  11. Phileroo

    444se chain brake

    So i got a old husky 444se from my cousin who got it from a guy who got it from a guy who picked it up off the curb. Anyway i worked out most of the problems and now i'm down to the chain brake. Plain and simple, it doesn't stop the chain. Now i didn't take a micrometer to the band and check the...
  12. Z

    Chainsaw problems

    Gday guys I've got a baumr ag sx72 I've had it for a couple of years always ran on 25:1. Tuned the saw when I first got it got it running really well, lately I've been doing milling with it and it seems to go really well until it gets hot. At first I thought it was the air filter it wasn't...
  13. HuskyNI

    Husqvarna Hightop and filter kit

    Would like to get feed back on desire for an aftermarket Hightop and filter kit for 2 series Husqvarna and associated Jonsereds. Top cover would be injection molded likely in black. Filter kit would include a fresh design on the adapter out of aluminum. Filter would be a standard washable and...
  14. B

    Husqvarna 359

    Ok guys, so I know that there are a lot of threads out there about this piece of junk 359 but I have tried some of the fixes with no luck. I tore the saw all apart and checked piston and cylinder looks like new, compression at 140psi. I ordered all new intake bellows and etc. new zama carb and...
  15. Matt Thie

    Mall 2MG value/price

    I found a Mall 2MG with a 36" bar for $250. It looks really rough cosmetically (lots of dirt/sawdust, scratched paint, rusty bar) and the ad doesn't say anything about it beyond "Chainsaw with 36" blade", so I have no idea if it runs or not. My wife thinks I'm nuts for even considering it...
  16. Cheyenne

    Looking to purchase a sthil 028 woodboss

    I need a working sthil 028 woodboss chainsaw... any help is appreciated.... already been looking at ebay got burned once.
  17. Matt Thie

    Best recreational chainsaw?

    We bought a new house on almost an acre, half of which has lots of large mature trees and several massive unearthed stumps and rounds from previously felled trees. I'm also a novice woodworker. I'm looking to potentially pickup a chainsaw secondhand to use for clearing and pruning, as well as...
  18. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell Various Chainsaws for sale

    Red - Pending payment/Sold Blue - Pending (Someone asked for shipping but hasn't committed) I have a few chainsaws I would like to get rid of. I have my eye on a saw I would like to purchase so I am trying to liquidate some of my collection I don't use anymore. All of the prices listed below...
  19. S

    HELP, Chainsaw problems..

    so ive got two saws im having issues with, a poulan pro 220 and a mcculloch eager beaver 2.0. so the first one the pro220 i replaced the carb fuel line and filter as well as the air filter. it has good spark and compression but it wont stay idling very long and usually boggs down when you try to...
  20. Pakai Boti

    Husqvarna 236 issue

    Hi.I have a Husqvarna 236 recently rebuilt, but i have an issue.Saw starts only with choke once it's hot.Should i tune the carb again?Wich screw?