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  1. Bailey's Inc.

    Chop Firewood the Smart Way and Save $20!

    Work Smarter, Not Harder! The Smart-Splitter Log Splitter & Smart-Holder Firewood Holder are now both $20 Off! http://media.baileys-online.com/6382/sep2_2016/index.html
  2. skunkinablunt

    Pioneer Partner 450

    i recently acquired a pioneer partner 450, in flawless running condition. i cannot find it anywhere online, and from what i have found... it is a very rare saw. can anyone tell me what its worth? also what year is this saw exactly. i know they were only made from 1964-1968. but what year is...
  3. F

    Hack: Removing a chainsaw stuck in a tree

    I got myself into a sticky situation. I can't recommend anyone use this technique but it worked for me. BTW I know, I know, no safety equipment....
  4. N

    Sawyers Needed

    NYS OFFICE OF PARKS, RECREATION AND HISTORIC PRESERVATION Title: Forest Health Specialist – Sawyer Crew Office location: Primary – Connetquot River State Park Preserve Sunrise Highway Oakdale, NY 11769 Status: Full time, seasonal (16 weeks) Salary: $20.10 per hour Availability: 2...
  5. WNCAndrew

    Recommendations for a first saw

    I have a great Jotul woodstove that kept my place quite warm last winter. Last year was a year of purchasing wood and during the year I have scoped out a lot of downed trees around my area that I would like to limb, buck, and take home for heat during the next few winters. I am looking for...
  6. Bailey's Inc.

    Save $10 on the WoodlandPRO Chain Breaker & Spinner Combo

    Save $10 on the WoodlandPRO Chain Breaker & Spinner Combo http://media.baileys-online.com/6382/aug1_2016/index.html Complete professional kit so you can make any size saw chain loop from bulk reels. Designed for all types of saw chain, including 3/4" pitch harvester chain. The breaker has a...
  7. I

    Want to Sell Mobil 1 Racing 2T, Synthetic 2 cycle oil, 6-quart cases

    I have 7 6-quart cases of Mobil 1 Racing 2T for sale, (dyed red) bottles are factory sealed . Selling for $100.00 per case ($16.67 per quart) with a $25 flat shipping fee. Message me if interested. Discontinued for sale in America in 2007, this is considerably less than buying from overseas...
  8. Dave The Spoon Carver

    460 Rancher not oiling bar (not bar or gummed chain issue)

    Hi guys and gals Oil not pumping on my 460 Rancher. Took off bar and chain, put my booger hook on the trigger and let her scream. Nothing coming out still. Just little drips. Im not a huge mechanic, but would like to avoid taking it in for now. Any ideas for a few quick checks or clean outs...
  9. K

    Shindaiwa 488 repair

    Just yesterday i got a Shindaiwa 488 used. It won't start, and since it's the first used chainsaw i've ever had, can anyone give me advice on getting it running again? Also, i've read about people changing out the carburetor and hotrodding the 488, what carb do i need for that? BTW, the gas...
  10. Bailey's Inc.

    ArborMAX Bar & Chain Combos - Starting at $25.99

    ArborMAX Bar & Chain Combos - Starting at $25.99 http://media.baileys-online.com/6382/jun3_2016/index.html Bar & Chain Combinations From Bailey's If you are going to get a bar, might as well get a chain designed for that bar. Bailey's offers the most comprehensive selection of bar and chains...
  11. S

    Want to Sell Stihl 044 w/new 24" Bar & Chain

    For sale- Serviced and tuned Stihl 044 ships with a New 24" Bar and Chain asking 600 shipped.
  12. S

    Want to Sell Boxes of used Stihl parts

    I have boxes and boxes of Stihl Parts that I don't want anymore. Cylinders, pistons, shrouds, mufflers, carburetors etc etc. Everything's packaged with quantity and part numbers I do have a parts list (34) pages long is anyone interested in the whole lot. I'm not selling one piece. Or a few...
  13. S

    Want to buy 044 MS440 rear tank housing

    I need a tank housing assembly for my 044 if you can help feel free to I'M me. Thanks a Stihlion Paul
  14. A

    Stihl ms391 Help

    Ok guys hope you can help. Bought this saw 2 years ago and really disappointed with it. I was told it was a professional saw. Now found out it isn't. Problem is keeps bogging down when cutting threw thick wood. Now when using for 6 hours straight it overheated. I figured out it had overheated...
  15. Jesse snowden

    Need help getting stihl 056 running

    Hello everyone! I've got a question for the pros. So here's the deal...I am getting into milling trees for my own wood working projects. Since bigger is always better, I searched around and found a beat up non-running 056 av super electronic for 100 bucks. Looked like someone ran regular gas...
  16. Bailey's Inc.

    WoodlandPRO 10 PK Chain loops Are Now Only $100

    WoodlandPRO 10 PK Chain loops Are Now Only $100! WoodlandPRO saw chain is made with professional features, including industrial chrome plated cutters for great stay sharp qualities, and a patented alloy steel chassis to lessen stretch during break in.
  17. B

    Chainsaw/Spare Chain Storage Ideas

    Two part question: How does everyone secure your chainsaws when traveling? I have a small net in my truck that holds it in place, but it still clatters around more than I'd like. How does everyone store extra chains when you're traveling in the woods? Mine get thrown into the saw bag with files...
  18. C

    need a neighbor or a professional with 70cc chainsaw to cut 40" ash

    I need to cut ONE 40" sugar maple tree on my yard and I don't want to buy a larger chainsaw just for this one-time job. If you know someone local or close to Norwalk, CT with a larger chainsaw bar, please ask if this person would be willing to either rent me the saw or offer help. I would also...
  19. Bailey's Inc.

    Save $50 on Purchases over $300

    http://media.baileys-online.com/6382/apr1_2016/index.html Nobody knows chainsaws like Bailey's. Our company started selling chainsaws to loggers and arborists back in 1975, so we have several decades of experience serving our customers. Today, we sell to everyone from professional loggers to...