1. Sudowoodo

    Helpful Guide to finding the Best Hand Pruner/Shear

    Hey Everyone! This is my first ever thread and post on this forum. I want to share my knowledge on Hand Pruners/Shears as well as provide a guide on selecting the right type of Hand Pruners/Shears. I learned a lot about the basics of Hand Pruners/Shears thanks to Monica Hemingway, author of...
  2. MrDave

    Cuts for back leaning trees. Split-level.

    There are a number of cuts to use for back-leaning trees, my preference is a split-level - what's yours?
  3. Bailey's Inc.

    Chop Firewood the Smart Way and Save $20!

    Work Smarter, Not Harder! The Smart-Splitter Log Splitter & Smart-Holder Firewood Holder are now both $20 Off!
  4. Andrew W.

    Okay so this worker

    Okay so I watched a guy flush cut a stump today, now the way I was shown was, you clear out as low as you can go without hitting dirt, rocks, chain link fence, and other stuff, get on your knees put the saw sideways, eyeball the bar levelness and cut 90%, insert wedge or bark and Finnish the...