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  1. E

    Stihl MS462 Spikes Question

    Hello all, I'm brand new here, and have a question... I just bought a brandy new Stihl MS462, non-R version (aka, no wrap handle). I am looking to upgrade the spikes on it. I did a little searching, and mostly I found responses talking about upgrading the clutch/side cover. I found a few...
  2. D

    Husqvarna 450 rancher dogs

    Hey everybody, somewhat new here, just been lurking until now. I was looking through the forum to see if i could find the answer, but sadly I didn't. If its there I apologize in advance, but I was wondering, I bought a new 450 rancher the other day and the log spikes seem kinda short. does...
  3. C

    New here with MS311 question

    Hello everyone! My name is Matt. I live in Florida and I'm with South Walton Fire, which is close to where Hurricane Michael just came through. We have a lot downed trees throughout the neighboring counties and a lot of them are 75+ year old pines. We send crews over daily to help with the clean...
  4. Kensie1988

    Custom chainsaw felling spikes

    Hows it going everyone! Im looking to see if someone could help me out, im willing to purchase the metal, but i dont have a means to easily cut out the designs. I do have access to autoCAD and can draw spike to scale and print out templates to make the process as simple as possible. I can also...
  5. T

    Want to buy climbing spikes/spurs

    looking for good condition spikes, tree gaffs preferred with good pads other than "T or L" pads unless the price is right. I'm 5'7" also so nothing to tall
  6. Andrew W.

    Falling spikes question

    I have a nice ms 460, I would like to order a set of spikes for it, what is common to be used, and also do they all come with the roller chain catch?
  7. manwithsaw

    SOLD!!!! Climbing spikes

    First set. Used or new fine. Need shipping to VT or local pickup. Thanks all