stihl 029 super

  1. Whelan43

    Looking at getting my first big name saw tomorrow

    I have been working on a cedar playhouse for my daughter. I planned on only using lumber I could mill myself out of the many cedars located on my property (I have hundreds of cedars). I have two junk poulan saws, an older I believe to be 42cc craftsman, a 70's model blue homelite and an old...
  2. O

    Want to Sell 029 super stihl

    Stihl 029 super ,runs and idles but it bogs in cut ,compression reads around 110psi.Plastic looks good bar is very nice condition chain is about 50 percent .The piston looks good on the exuast side 18inch bar chain.This is all I know about this saw is sold as is and the buyer pays...