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stihl 660

  1. d45

    Stihl mystery chain

    I need help identifying some Stihl chain. I have 2 stihl boxes labeled 36 rsc 114 but no bar for it. The actual chain inside is 3/8 pitch .063 gauge 108 driver links. Is this obsolete chain or something else it appears to be about 36" length I'm having a tough time finding a bar for it.
  2. Slingyman

    Want to buy Stihl 660 parts

    Looking for an oem cylinder shroud and tank. Let me know if you have anything. Looking for pretty good condition. Also, has anyone used after market tanks? advice/experience? If I can't find oem I might have to go aftermarket. thanks
  3. A

    MS 660 Chain Running at Idle

    My 660 has been running at idle as of lately. I've adjusted the carb and can get it to stop spinning the chain at idle. It also tend to cut off when revving. I also replaced the clutch springs. I'm kinda at a loss for what is happening. One last thing is that it will ring slightly after stopping...
  4. R

    Want to Sell Trade My Stihl 660 for Husqvarna 288 or 281 or Buy a 288/281

    Attention: Looking to buy, sell, trade for some good condition Husqvarna 288/281's: I am a deal maker!! I would like to trade one or both my Stihl 660's for some Husqvarna 288's that are in comparable shape as mine. I have other saws that are clean as a whistle I might be willing to trade. PM...
  5. R

    Want to Sell Trade Pristine Stihl 660 for Husqvarna 288XP, See Pics

    Would love to trade my low hour Stihl MS660 for a lightly used excellent condition Husqvarna 288XP
  6. A

    Is this a fake 660?

    Just wondering if this is a fake MS 660? I've not seen an intake like this one with Stihl in the middle. It's from Ebay. Supposedly a refurb.
  7. B

    Stihl 660 magnum used market value

    Looking at buying a Stihl 660 magnum. Seller said it was recently rebuilt by a Stihl dealer, also has a new 20" bar, chain, air filter. He wants $450 for it. When asked why he is selling, said he just need the money. In my opinion the price seems pretty decent when those saws retailed for over...