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  1. H

    Winch down a hazard poplar

    There's a 100ft poplar with a big chest high cavity. Basically a 4" thick wall (along the circumference) is holding this thing up. Can't climb it and power lines and road 40 ft away. I could climb the tree next to it, then swing over and attach a rope. The idea is winch it over till the bottom...
  2. S

    So I want to build a chainsaw winch...

    I want to build a chainsaw winch (because I really don't want to spend $500- $600 on a professionally built one...) and I'm thinking I'll use a standard hand crank winch and build off of that. First off, does anyone have experience building there own chainsaw winch? I also want to get a heavy...
  3. J & L Creations

    My newest BIY updated sawmill build.

    Well guys, as you know I ended up giving my new freshly built homemade sawmill away, to keep the peace with my X partner. So here I am building another sawmill for myself. It will be better than the first one I built, with quite a few changes or modifications built in. Will be shorter than the...
  4. hip eponymous

    Want to Sell Lewis Winch For Sale

    Evening to all. Got a Lewis Winch mk2 in great condition (newest model). Received it in on trade. Comes with the cable. Unit will need a universal or direct mount adapter though. $550. I will ship.