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    I've never had responsibility for trees before, but last Fall I moved into a place with two Flowering Dogwood trees. We had a heavy snowstorm last winter, and with the lower foliage being spread out so far I was afraid the weight of the snow might make the trees fall over. Now they've spread out even farther, and I think I should trim them. I'm only concerned about the health of the trees. They look beautiful as-is, and I don't mind having to duck under those lower branches.

    Most of the foliage on the low branches is far away from the trunk. Inboard of that, there are only small diameter offshoots. From what I've read, it sounds like I should either cut those branches at the trunk shoulder or leave them alone. Is that right, or can I trim the branches back to those small offshoots?

    A previous owner didn't follow the rule about pruning at the trunk. He cut some branches several feet from the trunk, with no leaves or even twigs on them, and he cut them perpendicular. Should I cut those branches back to the shoulder, or is it too late for that and I'll only make it worse?

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