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Dec 22, 2020
Bridgewater, NJ
Good morning gang - hope everyone in the colder climates is hanging in there...

I sent these pictures to our local extension office - with no luck...they were a bit confused by it...You guys on these forums have a wealth of knowledge - any idea what's attaching my native Holly Trees? These were planted in Spring of 2020. Looked decent all Summer...typical stress of transplanting but none of them looking Ungodly sick...until I noticed this late Oct.

Couple of notes:
I noticed it right after fertilizing them via a root drench of MicroGreene / Kelp / RGS and AIR8. Yeah I know it's a lot but there was some cocktail I found online...worked well for most of the other trees.
It's hitting a handful of trees in generally the same area (I have a total of 15)
I should do a soil test which I plan on doing once closer to end of Winter/beginning of Spring.

I can clearly grow grass (well I think I can) but I'm a rookie when it comes to Trees/Shrubs/General landscaping - I want to get better in this arena.

Diagnosing/fixing these will be a good learning lesson for me. Thank you in advance!


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