Pre-Fab Fireplace with a Regency H200 Installed - Pics

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    We were disgusted with our pre-fab POS fireplace and wanted something to actually generate some HEAT. We looked and looked and talked to all kinds of sales people who promised us things that could not or would not be delivered. Then we talked to a chimney sweep who showed us some pics of an install he had done very similar to ours with a Regency H200. We were so impressed with the pictures and references we decided to install. We had a pre-fab fireplace with a brick surround and hearth as you can see in the pics. The stove was installed in front of the pre-fab unit with a t installed and then a liner run up the 8" double wall that was already there. The new stainless liner is like 5.5". Our house is an open floor plan ranch and this stove without the fan running (which we bought but can't install right now) heats the large open area to 75-78 in the dead of winter. I do not mind telling you it was 4500 installed and since we have cut our heating bills from 4-600 per month to 150ish per month. We are very happy with this little bugger.

    It does not have a large firebox but it has secondary burn chambers. There is an front door, which we almost never use and a side loading door which is very handy for getting the firebox full for an all night burn. We can typically load around 11pm, turn the damper all the way down and wake up to baseball sized coals int he morning that are still glowing. There is little to no smoke smell in the house any more. We use 1/4 of the wood we were using.

    Best part? Wife walks around in shorts and skimpies all winter :)

    [photo=medium]3167[/photo] [photo=medium]3168[/photo] [photo=medium]3169[/photo]

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