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Stock 50mm X-Torq vs. 48mm Original Edition Cylinder ( Jonsered 2172 vs. 2165 w/ "Simple Mods" )



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Apr 9, 2004
Central New York
The entire "play list" from assembly of these 48mm 372/2171 based saws to these last two video's posted evaluating the build. Also cover assembly technic, some theory & differences between the different cylinders in that class of saw mixed in the 7 videos. So specific to Husqvarna 576/372/365 and Jonsered 2065/2165/2071/2171/2166/2172 shop tools, technic's and some theory mixed in with the build.

I had built one last year on Chinese cases , tuned out to be a great little saw. Same power as a standard 372 unmodified but lighter than any X-torq and less vibration. So wanted a "red" one but also put a little more effort into the design & implementation of the build to include some minor cylinder modifications & a muffler mod. Goal was to raise the RPM "sweet spot about 500 RPM's and to make MORE power than a Standard stock X-torq. Turned out to be much more successful than anticipated. So put these video's together to share both the process and the results. Is this a ported saw? NO, it is not. This entire series is about simple mods. Stuff anyone can accomplish with tangible results.