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  1. A

    How long can you keep the throttle wide open without load?

    Question for you all (couldn't find the answer online): How long can you keep the throttle at full when tuning the H jet? My tach (proline solo) takes a few seconds, sometimes 3-5, to register the RPM reading. Is it OK to run WOT without load for, say, 5 seconds? What I've been doing is full...
  2. X

    Stihl ms362 carb settings

    Recently cleaned up a Stihl ms362 that the previous owner was throwing out. They said it didn’t run right. They turned all the carb adjustment screws randomly and I can’t seem to get the chainsaw to run. It’s getting spark, fuel and air, but I’m guessing the idle jet , high speed jet and the...
  3. W

    Husqvarna 435 tuning

    Hey everyone I'm new here. I have a husqy 435 that I have almost decided to set on fire. I never could get it running right. It had odd intermittent starting issues usually when hot, then all together. I tried all the usual suspects. Put a new carb on, new vent filter, new fuel filter, new spark...
  4. K

    Stihl ms201t idle out of control

    I have recently rebuilt an older Stihl ms201t and now I cannot slow the idle down! I have installed new piston rings and ported the muffler. The only re-conditioning I did to the carb was to replace the plastic metering diaphragm and on the other side, the rubber pump (diaphragm). It starts...
  5. kiteboarder

    Echo Chainsaws Carb Adjustments for Altitude

    Hi all, I have an Echo CS-620PW that I have been running for about a year. I live at about 5500FT above sea level. I never adjusted the carb for the altitude. I just pulled it out of the box and ran it. I just bought a CS-2511T and I’d like to be a bit more proactive about this one even before I...
  6. Daniel Duffy

    Chainsaw that dies when throttle applied - impulse line?

    Hi all. I'm so glad I've found this forum. Been fighting a problem with my saw for months and have been too stubborn to pay a shop to fix it when I know the answer's out there and I enjoy hands-on work. Here's the situation. Have an Echo CS-400 saw that I've used only a couple of hours a...
  7. S

    need help tuning titan 57

    I have a titan 57 that I have had since new. I stopped using it 4-5 years ago. I planned on reusing it again this year but oil lines were cracked. I replaced all fuel and oil lines, cleaned air filter, gave it a new spark plug and it started fine. Took it in the woods and found it would bog...
  8. O

    Need help with my MS250

    Okay so I’m trying to learn more about my saws and play around with them I have a ms170 and 290 also which are fine but my ms250 I took the carburetor out and remover the limiter caps on the h and l screw and I can’t get my saw to run smoothly no matter how much I turn and play around with the...
  9. A

    MS 660 Chain Running at Idle

    My 660 chain is running at idle when it will run. I've gotten new clutch springs and checked the clutch to make sure everything is working as it should. It is cleab and nothing is worn. The chain moves at normal idle speeds. I've adjusted the carb and it still won't run. When I start it the...
  10. A

    MS 660 Chain Running at Idle

    My 660 has been running at idle as of lately. I've adjusted the carb and can get it to stop spinning the chain at idle. It also tend to cut off when revving. I also replaced the clutch springs. I'm kinda at a loss for what is happening. One last thing is that it will ring slightly after stopping...
  11. C

    CS370 refuses all WOT

    Hi Folks, New to site. I have been running an echo cs-370 and a shidiawa 577 for occasional trims and removals, along with a few weekends a year of wood splitting parties. I picked the saw up something near 10 years ago and other than heavy cutting the cs-370 is my go-to saw. The end of last...