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Jul 30, 2022
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Canterbury, New Zealand
Hi team, I hope everyone is being safe out there.
I have a bit of a question regarding fruit trees and shoots from cut limbs.
I’ve been doing a couple of trailer loads of fruit tree trimmings out of my rental property, I’ve been a geographically distanced landlord for a while, so my Tennant has had some help trimmings them and I’m just taking away rubble, before planning the next help out trim for him.
Now I as they’re all fruit trees, I plan to make the most of the wood by chipping it up for home smoked meat/cooking.

The smaller branches are mostly dry, only a little stringy on the snap, some of the bigger ones still damp inside, then, some of the larger branch/trunk sections and some of the smaller ends of branch tops and ends actually have new green growth on them, “we’re officially spring here in nz tomorrow”

My question for this thread is about,,,,,,

Some of these multiple fingered branches that have new green shoots on the ends, and the bigger 100mm and bigger diameter branches or trunk sections that have large new growth.on them.

Can I just plant those sections? Perhaps sectioning the main branch further to have multiple seperate new trees growing?
There are no roots yet, but some of this tree is snappably dead and some parts are still growing, I know willow ect will sprout in the wood pile if it rains enough, and they can be planted, or cut off into multiple shoots to root themselves, so just thought I could multiply trees from the off cuts.
I’ll get a recent cut date estimate and some photos to post tomorrow, it may help with my possible bad description.

Be safe all.
Thanks for the website, Raintree. Great info. ll I can add is I used a rooting powder named "Rootone" which worked great in rooting apple tree shoots.

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