Ganoderma curtisii fungi

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Jun 28, 2009
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Knoxville, TN
Have a southern red oak and Ganoderma curtisii fungi growing possible from one of its roots maybe 30 feet from the tree itself. There had been two oaks in the spot where the fungus was found, but those oaks fell in 2011 during a straight line wind storm so I assume it shouldn’t be because of them.


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How did you make such a definitive identification of the mushroom?

My very limited experience with 'shrooms leads me to believe that just getting within a genus is doing good. The last time I tried to ID a mushroom, I concluded that it was a common but rarely identified mushroom in the Amanita family.​
So obscure was information on that one, that it was unknown as to whether it was edible or not. It seems that no one has ever had enough courage to find out if that one would kill you or not. Given that almost all the other Amanita are very toxic, they just mark it off as unknown and "let us know if you live".​

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