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  1. B

    Want to Sell Stihl EDT-7 New in Box.

    Have a new in box EDT-7 Tach for sale. We were going to be doing our own saw maintenance and ended up always sending our stuff out to our local shop for faster turnaround. This should go to a good home. 100 USD
  2. Matt Thie

    Best recreational chainsaw?

    We bought a new house on almost an acre, half of which has lots of large mature trees and several massive unearthed stumps and rounds from previously felled trees. I'm also a novice woodworker. I'm looking to potentially pickup a chainsaw secondhand to use for clearing and pruning, as well as...
  3. AmericanPiddler

    Chainsaw won't start 3 REASONS why!

    Thought I'd share my video and tips on why a saw won't start!
  4. axe2fall

    Firewood, Southern Style

  5. mn man

    Want to Sell Stihl 661 with 32" and 25" b/c

    Im selling my stihl 661 due to lack of use. It will come with 2 stihl bars, and 2 stihl full chisel chains and an oregon ripping chain for the bigger bar. I've maybe put 10 tanks of gas through it in the 2-3 years i've owned it. I've only used non-ethanol fuel and stihl oil mixed 50:1. Asking...
  6. O

    Need help with my MS250

    Okay so I’m trying to learn more about my saws and play around with them I have a ms170 and 290 also which are fine but my ms250 I took the carburetor out and remover the limiter caps on the h and l screw and I can’t get my saw to run smoothly no matter how much I turn and play around with the...
  7. Bedford T

    FarmerTec TS400 coming

    I am posting from a limited email i got. They are on Holiday 7th-26th. if not before they should have them ready to sell. The 200t as well and a pop off guage.
  8. Bedford T

    FarmerTec 200t coming after holiday

    I got a email that they are releasing the 200t and the TS400 when they get back, maybe before the 7th when they leave for New Year back on the 26th. We have been waiting a while on these. I will know more later and post more. They even have a pop off gauge now! No more excuses for not testing...
  9. thefarmboy21

    Want to buy STIHL 015 choke lever and air filter(s)

    Just acquired an old 015 top handle saw and it’s missing the black plastic choke lever and the air filter. Appears everything else is there If someone has anything I’d be very interested. Thanks!
  10. FLchainsawJoe

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 362cm $450 Practically New

    Switching out a couple saws to ported ones. 2015 model. Runs great. Very little use as you can see from pictures. Practically new. Very small hairline crack on handle (see pic).$475 pho and $525 with bar and extra new chain (Stihl green). You pay for the ride.
  11. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 026 Red Lever

    Nice 026. Jug has a decomp but I plugged it. New OEM fuel line and filter. Also new throttle linkage. Put a nice OEM air filter cover and top cover on it. Overall pretty clean saw. Has some etching by the clutch as shown but it’s relatively clean. Compression is 165 ish. Saw has fixed H carb on...
  12. BonScott46

    SOLD!!!! ms462 with heat NLA

    Any interest in a new ms462 with heat PHO somewhere around 1400USD shipped from Sweden? These just showed up here and I figured I would see if anyone is interested, I can get 2 of them at this price.
  13. NPKenny

    Stihl 660 Brake too sensitive

    I am looking for the fix for a Stihl MS660 brake that engages too easily. The basic symptom is that it will occasionally engage during normal cutting. The brake handle has excessive play as well. Short of replacing the entire assembly, which components are the normal failure points? Thank you!
  14. BereanAuden

    Want to Sell Stihl Rollomatic 32" .050 **NEW

    •Cutting Length 32" (80cm) •Pitch .375" (3/8) •Gauge .050" (1.3mm) •Drive Link Count 105 •Nose Sprocket 11 teeth •Weight 4.9Lbs (2.2kg) $120 Brand New bought from Dealer I use .063 so no need for this 32" .050 rollomatic. I can drill holes in each end of you want this for your mill. I like...
  15. E

    Farmertec cylinders

    My ms260 needs a new cylinder kit, old one was destroyed due to intake boot failure -running very lean. Are those Farmertec cylinders worth it? How long will they last? How much compression compared to OEM? And i would do a small bit of cleaning on those ports with an dremel.
  16. FLchainsawJoe

    SOLD!!!! 041G Stihl Must See!

    Incredible Stihl 041G chainsaw for sale. Saw is used and in running condition. Vintage Stihl duromatic bar but no chain. I’m willing to sell PHO only, with bar, or with bar and parts saw. I’m going to take offers at this point but please send them by pm only. As a starting point please don’t...
  17. wash-climber

    Want to buy Top handle chainsaw, Husky, Stihl, Echo. $300

    I'm looking for a top handle saw. My budget is around $300. My boss runs 193s, but I'm not loyal to a brand yet. Husky, Stihl, or Echo. Needs to be in running condition, but not worried about cosmetics. I'd love to see some detailed photos. Thanks guys!
  18. Benny Boy

    Supposed to be Stihl 038 Super Need help to identify

    I bought this used Stihl chainsaw. It has no tag so I am trying to identify it to buy some parts. I know the serial number doesn't do a lot of good (217301006) I emailed Stihl to see if they have a record of it. From the pics can you guys tell what make this is? Guy told me it was a 038 super...
  19. BonScott46

    ms361 muffler mod

    If you ain't done it already, do it. All I did was gill the side, four 3cm long cuts and opened them up. Hory sheet what a difference. Can't imagine what this thing would be like with a base gasket delete and a popup...
  20. W

    Want to Sell Stihl 090G (Vintage- Collectible) Chainsaw with Manual (Back on Ebay)

    Now (Back) on Ebay $800 (Click on Link on Bottom) (Hartford MI.) Stihl 090G (Vintage- Collectible) Chainsaw with Manual This is the rarer model G (Gear Drive) This is the model they used as a milling saw and felling saw. This 090 G with the Helper Handle and 60" bar setup is a rare find...