Echo CS310 input?



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Apr 18, 2017
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
A $200 new CS-352 would be awesome. When I bought one earlier this year the best prices I could find were not far off list. I ended up buying one from the good local dealer during an Echo sale for list price, no tax and an extra chain.

I use the 352 for brush clearing. It's light and starts easily, which is important for me as I make a few cuts then pull brush out of the way (it's thick brush). I prefer to turn the saw off then start it again for the next few cuts.
The fuel and oil openings are small. The air filter lets dust into the carb. But my brush cutting is dirtier than cutting trees would be. The air filter's probably ok for that. I added some oiled foam fitter material in the air box covering the carb adjustment holes which appear to be the main path for air into the box.

I removed the catcon and the carb limiter tabs and retuned the carb. The power gain was not dramatic but hopefully it runs cooler and lives longer. I'd buy another one.


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Oct 19, 2009
If anyone comes across a seized 310 or 352 let me know as I have a second 352 with a wrecked case I just acquired.


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Dec 23, 2017
I have the 352, basically the same saw. I'm happy with it.

Needs to be properly tuned. Really wakes up with a muffler mod.

You can get these NIB off eBay for about 75 less than in the store.
I bought a cs310 then bought a cs352.
These two saws FAVOR in looks BUT don't be fooled.
After buying the cs352 and using both saws I can ASSURE YOU the cs352 is MUCH BETTER than the cs310. The AV is better. The motor is better the air filter is better. Over all the cs352 is so much better than the 310 that even after a MM and retune the 310 just came up short. I finally sold the cs310 and seeing it go made me happy. Id pay more any day for a cs352. I love and use my cs352 more than even my Sthil 024 which cost more and has more cc engine. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a cs310. I can't imagine why Echo muddied the water. They should stop making the 310 because the 352 replaces it.