Large Tree Split - Can I save this tree? Need Advice.

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    Southwest Virginia
    I have a large tree in my front yard that had a large section split off this weekend and I am looking for some advice on how to best handle the situation. Ideally, I would love to save this tree as it is a large very old tree that also provides a lot of privacy from the main road and adds character to the front yard. I am not sure if this tree can be saved given the severity of the break and have attached some pictures that show the damage.

    I have a few questions I am hoping some experienced members of this community can help answer:
    • Can you tell what kind of tree this is from the pictures?
    • In the second attachment titled "Tree Split Close-Up", do the dark areas indicate some kind of disease that caused the break?
      • If yes, is the rest of the tree likely to be affected?
    • Do you think the tree can be saved or do I need to remove the entire tree?
    • The last picture shows a power-line that runs through the branches of still standing portion of the tree and the power line does not connect to a house as it is between two poles along the street, should I go through my insurance company or the power company to get the tree removed (if it is determined it can't be saved) or both?
    This tree is located in Southwest Virginia.

    Any advice provided by the community is appreciated!!

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    It is a Callery pear. This is what they do best.

    That dark area is where there was no connecting wood holding the sections of trunk together. - that bad branch architecture is why it split. the limb to the left in the picture will be the next to go.

    I'm surprised the utility company hasn't pruned it off of the wires. I assume some of those are power? Usually when a tree is in the wires that much and not tended to, they are either: private wires (pole to house), communication wires only, or wires going to street lights. If they are higher voltage wires, they will probably be along sometime to prune that back. So you lost 1 side of the tree already...then they are going to take the a big chunk out of the second half.

    I'd replace the tree this fall if it were mine - recognize it is not a long-term tree, but that you can get something else going in its place (NOT another pear!). The sooner you do that, the longer you will enjoy the new tree. Either plant a slightly smaller species or move it a little further away from the wires. (it is a lot easier for me to recommend removal/replacement, because of the species...).

    The power company MAY remove it...worth a call to ask. It is no longer a threat to your house - it is all weighted towards their lines.
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