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Discussion in 'Arborist 101' started by FlyingDutchman, Nov 21, 2018.

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    Still been working with the tree service, been spotty due to weather and holidays. Getting rejected from jobs I thought I was a shoe in for even after what I thought were good interviews. Very disappointing.

    Due to the physical issues, I'm for and against doing tree work as a career.

    I have concerns if I emulate what the owner does up in the bucket (lots of one hand cutting with arborist saw) that my body/arms won't hold up. I recently have been playing with my own arborist top handle saw clearing brush and it makes the pain much worse in my right arm, so I've been trying to rest it lately to conserve it and trying stretches as prescribed by other members in threads about that specific pain. Tomorrow I'll probably try to get a brace.

    At first, it was just being tired from the physical labor. That's better now. Lately, I have like tennis elbow in both arms from gripping constantly, soreness in my right thumb joint, and wrist pain in the right and left arms. Some knee issues still but not as bad as sitting in an office. After some reading here it seems that this can be dealt with with braces and physical therapy, but I'm young and (I thought) in okay enough shape.

    Just wondering if this is a phase/results of conditioning as you get into shape for a job like this.

    Also, I'm 6'9" tall, which could mean I might not fit in the bucket or will be over the bucket tipping point because of the increased center of gravity. He does not use a bucket harness, he is just very careful about how he drops things and repositions the truck/boom to keep the branches or logs from ever falling towards the boom or the bucket, unless hes piecing down small pieces over an obstacle. He acknowledges the safety risk. I have not been able to use the bucket truck yet, so I have lots of learning to do if I'm ever "the one who has to do it" and would definitely get a safety harness for, if nothing else, the changed center of gravity from my height.

    Health/physical stuff probably should be a separate thread, but right now its on the forefront of my mind looking out the window at uncut brush and unstacked firewood by the splitter, haha.
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    I would get involved in every step of his business, dragging brush, bucket, getting trucks unstuck(preventing them from being stuck), talking to customers, bidding. Then after that I would take over the keys for a trial run where he is still the owner but I'm running it day to day, even if for a measly hourly wage. Just to be in the big man's shoes. You will find out real quick if it's for you or not.

    Right now it sounds like you're just a hired worker, nothing wrong with that but if there's talks of it being more you should be involved in every step getting a feel for it.

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